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The Equaliser
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have you ever won something? certainly you have. everyone's won something in their lives, be it a $2 lottery ticket or a free mountain dew. we are all winners. you especially! why, do you ask? well, you have been chosen to take part in THE EQUALISER.

what is THE EQUALISER, you ask? THE EQUALISER acts deep within and on the surface of your hair to fortify and strengthen. THE EQUALISER is a minty-fresh feeling in your mouth just waiting to be shared with your attractive in a boy/girl next door sort of way partner who works at the lawfirm down the street to give an air of casual sophistication and business charm. THE EQUALISER is gold mines, oil wells, shipping and real estate. THE EQUALISER is bruce grobelaar making an improbable save against coventry. THE EQUALISER is a lot of things, really!

mostly though, THE EQUALISER is an art collective who will spontaneously act all throughout the summer of 2004 and then implode, perhaps dramatically at the coming of fall.